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I’ve just recently purchased some wax seals and the wax. I want to be able to seal my envelopes down with the cards that I make. I purchased these on line at my favourite place. There’s a number of technique you can do to complete your card and envelope.

These Stamps and wax are inexpensive and fun to complete your card projects. I purchased these from AliExpress and there is a huge range to choose from. Just type in Wax Seal Stamps” and the list will populate with a huge range.

Supplies purchased from AliExpress: –

  • Wax Stamps
  • Wax sticks
  • Wax pallets
  • Melting Spoon

Other items you will need are matches or a lighter, and a tea light candle.

NB….Please make sure that you have nothing flammable in close proximity.

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Happy crafting. 🙂


Ali xx


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