Hi everyone,

This is my process for making handmade shapes for stamping paint in Art Journaling. I have created this video, as I couldn’t find shapes around the house to stamp with. I can find heaps of round shapes, but nothing else. I decided to make my own, with supplies that I already have.

I use regular cardboard, but you could also use chipboard or regular card stock, anything really would work for this.

Supplies used
• Trimmer
• Cardboard
• Ruler
• Sticky Tape

Size I used was 2cm x 1.5cm. You could adapt the size that you want to make.

Approximate time to make is about 5 minutes max, and the best thing is that you can reuse this. After using, I don’t clean this and leave the paint to dry on the stamps.

I hope that you got something out of this, and helps you use other shapes in Journaling.

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Until next time…..Happy Crafting


Ali xx



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