As I am a crafter, I decided to make my own Die Pockets. I purchase a lot of dies and the system I was using before this, was getting to messy for me. I felt unorganized and was getting frustrated as I had a lot of dies in the one envelope. I decide that something need to be changed, and thought about making my own die pockets. This is a cheap, economical way of storing the dies. I researched the cost of die pockets, and will shipping and posting it would cost anywhere from $15 for 50 die pockets. That’s 30 cents a pocket? I can make 60 pockets for as little as 13 cents a pocket. The only difference is that my pockets don’t have a flap. At the end of the day, I’m only storing dies, not the crown jewels.

Templates of the four size envelopes I create are:-

List of Supplies: –

  • Pack of 10 Document Holders for A4 documents (22cm x 31cm)
  • Duct tape (I used Silver 48mm x 30m)
  • Guillotine
  • Craft mat (I used Fiskars self healing mat)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Bladed knife


  • Pick the size envelope that you want to make
  • Make the first cut, using the cutting tool that you are comfortable using. Please use the key for the first cut
  • Using your duct tape, join the sides together
  • Cut the second cut line using the key as a guide
  • Using the duct tape, join the sides together
  • You should end up with 3 sides joined either with duct tape or with the natural document join.

For further instructions, please see my YouTube video for the process.





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